If Anne Lamott Were My Godmother


In the parallel universe where there exists a Catholic me with a godmother, I call Anne Lamott. Whenever I finish an Anne Lamott book, I feel like our tin-can telephone string has just been pulled taut again, and our houses, never more than yards apart, are somehow dually warmed, root to rafter, by just our […]

January 18, 2015

To My Fellow Worriers: How About We Actually Live This Year?


To say I’m anxious is an understatement. I’m more like a forecaster of doom. You know, the mundane oblivion we’re all destined for, the kind that’s coming for us on the sure horizon. I roll my eyes at the hoarding doomsday preppers stockpiling their munitions and canned foods in repurposed school buses. But I wonder if […]

December 29, 2014

Fear and Loathing in Nashvegas, or My Last Shy Lunch


Aside from flat-out failure, uncertainty is my biggest fear. Alone I can do no problem, but uncertain is another story. This paralyzing uncertainty is assuaged by the presence of my husband, loud music in a gassed up car on a familiar road, and something technological to fiddle with in my right hand–those three things and nothing […]

July 24, 2014