At Least You’re Not Lonely Alone


I am never alone, and I don’t mean in the Jesus way. Someone is always touching me or talking to me. I mother two monkeys five and under and have a fifteen year old who is, comparative to her peers, overly physically affectionate, and so they are on me, beside me, or about to be […]

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How to Make Peace, in Five-Year-Old Terms, in the Age of Trump

Rogue Homilies, Uncategorized

At the end of every soccer game last season, my son and the opposing teams of five year olds lined up and held out a hand, palm open. They passed as swiftly and evenly as they could, each player serving as a segment in twin human centipedes, to the friendly sound of cascading high fives, […]

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Call for Submissions


Rogue Homilies originally started as a blog featuring vignettes about life and love and God–you know, pulpit things I’d say if I were a preacher. I’m not, hence the ‘rogue’ part of it. It turns out, there are many of me among you: would-be Pulpit People with Christ in your life and art in your […]

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You, then Me: An Advent Homily for San Bernardino


[December 2] I wake to small voices behind a nursery door each morning. Two-year-old Evangeline calls out first, sweeps the long bangs from her face, and pulls her blue and white polka dot blanket over both shoulders, its train following behind her; she is regal. She swoops up an oversized stuffed wolf into one arm, […]

December 3, 2015

In Praise of Keeping Time: A Homily


I have little interest in being cryogenically frozen upon my death, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t sympathetic to the Larry Kings of the world who might one day push pause on their very bodies, to suspend themselves in time while everything else must keep on moving and ticking. If I should […]

December 1, 2015

Anyway Love: A Rogue Homily for Sarah Bessey [A Synchroblog]


When Out of Sorts author Sarah Bessey posed the question, “What did you used to think but don’t think anymore?” I realized I could’ve answered in bullet points leading active verbs, could’ve made a full-on documentary complete with singing cartoon interludes, and could’ve packed crates full of flyers dropped from 10,000 feet and scattered into […]

November 7, 2015

How We Hold Out Best: A Rogue Homily on Fear


I used to count on death. This is what the depressed do. It’s the “suicide pill” the broken mind keeps in its darkest corner. That “out” looks almost like hope in this light. The resemblance is uncanny. That kind of light casts the widest shadow so that even happy comfort words get met with a […]

October 8, 2015

Dr. Pepper and God: A Rogue Homily on Faith


Meet my new genre: the rogue homily. Let’s be clear; I’m no preacher man. I do want desperately to reconcile my life ledger and make sense of the mess in the margins, but my theology’s hot—stolen from people way better than I am. I want to put God on the page but usually end up […]

October 7, 2015

A Good Friday Reflection from a Mother to a Mother


Blood Moon I hold my son closer on Good Friday, the day another mother could not hold her own. I cut crusts from turkey sandwiches, send him off for a preschool party where he will find plastic eggs and joy in grass. Another mother stands in sand, sees her son given over to death for […]

April 3, 2015

Do I Bother You Like Plexus? – #NPM15


I try not to talk about my weight in the same way I try not to talk about my children at work. But I’ve become the elephant in the room, conspicuous as a Cheerio stuck to my sleeve, the constant yogurt on my shoulder. Weight is easier to carry than pictures of my children. I […]

April 2, 2015