“A Pro-Con List for a Scientist’s Honeymoon” by Deidre Price // 2016 Poem-a-Day Challenge

Poetry / Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

For April 5th’s prompt, I was tasked with thinking of a crisis, and of course, I can think of no greater crisis than an elementary school science project the day before it’s due. I was then tasked with choosing 5-10 words for things involved in that crisis.

I chose instructions, trifold board, pens, lima beans, zip-top bag in a windowsill, damp cotton balls, artificial light, beaker, hypothesis, lab reports.

The final step was to take those words and put them into a poem about an entirely different event, so I chose a honeymoon.

Clutch your pearls and enjoy.


A Pro-Con List for a Scientist’s Honeymoon

On the plus side, I’d get instructions, maybe even in two languages,
deconstruct his wardrobe easily enough in the artificial light.

We’d say, “Beakers up!” and sling carbonated celebration
to the loud sound of twin hypotheses backed by empirical evidence.

He’d see scatter plots made from petals on the bedspread,
then pull the comforter down in thirds like a display board.

We’d experiment.

But what of this experiment?
Would he calculate the velocity of my lips? The agility of my hips?

Would this be peer reviewed?

What if one night I found pens in the pillow?
A lab report beneath the mattress?

What if, in my eyes, he saw but lima beans,
sprouting under the promise of his damp cotton balls,
and thought of me as a specimen slide,
a zip-top bag for a windowsill,
just another plastic dish.

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