Last Call for Summer Reading!

The Little Literati / Friday, July 25th, 2014

In June I challenged readers to take part in The Little Literati Summer Reading Challenge, and I was overwhelmed by the response. From Jacksonville, Florida, to Missoula, Montana, Little Literati picked their books and started off on their separate reading adventures! My littles were included in this challenge (although they’ll be going prizeless; my being their mother is likely prize enough, I’m sure), and we have delighted in old reads and new.

Libraries are free for most people, but the Prices racked up record fines this past month. I regret to inform you that we were not the best of bookish citizens. My personal apologies to anyone looking for Aquarium Fish on the Destin Library shelves in the past month. Some lunatic put it in a basket with things we could knit with if we knitted. It was E. She can’t be trusted.
Another E I’m especially fond of is one of our fellow Little Literati. Her mother is an avid Instagrammer and hashtagged her heart out during the challenge.
Here is E working her way through her picks this summer. If this doesn’t just inspire you to get thee to a library (or have half a dozen daughters), I don’t know what will.
Keep reading, everyone! The last day to send in your contest submission is August 1, 2014. 
And don’t forget that very nearly equally awesome adult challenge here.
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