Last Call for Summer Reading!

The Little Literati

In June I challenged readers to take part in The Little Literati Summer Reading Challenge, and I was overwhelmed by the response. From Jacksonville, Florida, to Missoula, Montana, Little Literati picked their books and started off on their separate reading adventures! My littles were included in this challenge (although they’ll be going prizeless; my being […]

July 25, 2014

Fear and Loathing in Nashvegas, or My Last Shy Lunch


Aside from flat-out failure, uncertainty is my biggest fear. Alone I can do no problem, but uncertain is another story. This paralyzing uncertainty is assuaged by the presence of my husband, loud music in a gassed up car on a familiar road, and something technological to fiddle with in my right hand–those three things and nothing […]

July 24, 2014