The BIGGER Little Literati Summer Challenge for Adults (and Other People Who Pass as Adults)

The Little Literati / Friday, June 13th, 2014
I’m over the moon that so many of you are eager and excited to start the Little Literati challenge with your kids this summer. I’m excited about the memories you’ll make and stories you’ll share.
Me, actually being an adult with an infant at the doctor’s office holding my business cards. This is so very adult that I should be able to vote twice during each election. 
It came to my quick and mostly focused attention that somewhat less-Little Literati might enjoy the challenge, too. So, I’ve written an adult version for the Bigger Literati among you.

Here is your mission.

Find and read ten books that fit the descriptions below, and keep track of your progress. When you complete the challenge, email your name, mailing address, and list of ten books to

All who meet the challenge will receive a snail-mailed Little Literati envelope from the Prices with Little Literati tokens of affection. The drawing for the grand prize will be held only for the kids.

Submissions must be received no later than Friday, August 1, 2014. Only one submission per person.

Happy reading!

1.     A book set in a place you’ve never been
2.     A book that teaches you how to do something
3.     A book that most people have read in school but that you somehow dodged—until now!
4.     A book meant for young adults
5.     A book that was made into a movie
6.     A book about another world
7.     A long book—one that is longer than you normally read
8.     A book of poems
9.     A book with a bird or fish on the cover
10.   A book you’ve loved your whole life

Instagram #littleliterati with photos of you and your book picks so that we can see your progress along the way!

Invite your friends! The more, the merrier.

Coffee that says, “You can stroke people with your words.” I believe that.
And I believe in coffee.

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