Three Three-sentence Conversations (October 4-6)

Literology / Sunday, October 6th, 2013

My daughter wanted to see three fall subjects this time around: wolves, costumes, and leaves. She actually listed a fourth—pie—but I told her we’d already covered pie. She loves a good pie poem. And, yes, I’ve written others before.

one: WOLVES and the Dinner Date Cut Short
“I don’t believe in wolves,” he said.
Werewolves, you mean?” she said.
“What’s the difference?” he said.

two: COSTUMES and Sounds of Words
“You have to say it PE-can!” June said. Hand held out to the side her brother wasn’t on, fist clenched, she was done bargaining. “Say it right or starve, Andy. I ain’t messin’ around.”

three: LEAVES and Pages that Fall
            “What is it about fall that makes you get all nerdy about this reading stuff?”
“Something about the connection between leaves and pages, I think. They both turn, you know.”

She says tomorrow’s topic is skeletons. Until then…

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