How to Make Windows and Doors

The Little Literati / Friday, September 6th, 2013

When we give our children books, we are handing them escape routes. One page is a crowbar; another a key. Some stories teach them how to jimmy locks, how to unlatch gates from the outside, how to get out from in and in from out. 

These books aren’t books. They are ladders and bridges. They are rescue ropes fit with carabiners. They are the jetpacks and the fuel.  

When we read to them, we are saying, “Look what’s here. You see this? This exists. And it will stay here. You will never open this book to this page and not not find it here. It will always be and be just as it is.”

This blog will be a collection of stories about my stories and stories about my children’s stories. I want them walking with eyes wide open and a pocketful of keys. I want them knowing how to make windows and doors in a world too full of walls.

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0 Replies to “How to Make Windows and Doors”

  1. I always enjoy reading about your children's escapades on Facebook. I'm looking forward to even better stories here! Congratulations on your new blog 🙂 –Ashley Place

  2. Such a good idea, your blog. I'm working on a way to make it required reading by all parents. It may take me a while.
    (P.S. When I first typed this comment, I typed “OUR blog” instead of “YOUR blog”. I guess it's either Freud or envy guiding my fingers this morning!)

  3. Thank you so much. Yes, there really should exist a syllabus of sorts for parents of our young, eager readers.

    If this blog inspires even a germ's worth of jealousy in you, it is bound to be magnificent.

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